Automatic Doors Repair Maintenance & Installation: If you need reliable, expert services provided by qualified and experienced engineers, with fast response times, a focus on quality and excellent customer care, Maxwell Automation is ideal for you. Specializing in the repair and maintenance of a whole range of automatic doors, the Maxwell team can help with all makes of doors. Swinging, sliding, folding and manual, our team has the expertise and experience to help repair, replace, upgrade or service every kind. After all, the door is the very first physical encounter your customers and clients have with your business.

Just like the other fashionable convenience, associate automatic door has progressively become a necessity whether on reception or on business premises. They provide unbeatable convenience and luxury whereas providing a myriad of advantages for a neater and fast access to personal and business premises. `

Automatic doors come in different styles, shapes which lend the residential or commercial premises an eloquent and sophisticated look. It enhances its reputation as well. Automatic doors provide a safe and convenient environment.


After realizing the advantages several residential, nursing and care homes have replaced their previous manual doors with automatic doors. Convenient access is the prime priority, because the majority of residents are seniors, disabled or frail; automatic doors for homes overcome the inconvenience and potential hazards related to gap and shutting serious manual doors. Access security is of primary importance in residential homes. Fashionable automatic doors will grant access to authorized persons solely. Most residential developments have a caller system where the residents will speak to the visitor and push a button to allow them in. Within the event of an influence failure or alternative emergencies, the doors come back equipped with battery-operated back-up emergency systems that may be joined to the fireplace alarm; to open the doors on the alarm signal if needed.

Automatic gate motors is the backbone of any gate. Automatic gates let users operate the gate without physical efforts. Automation adds nice convenience to the users and strengthens the protection of the premises. One command will open and shut the gate in a second. The motor is one among the crucial elements of the automatic gates and doors. It adds automation to the gates and doors. The automated gates work on basis of electrical motors and on ring gear basis.

Once the remote button is pressed, the door is mechanically opened so as for the person to tolerate the door. A number of the controllers are programmed to stay the door open for a number of seconds to ease passage through the door; whereas the opposite sorts need the user to carry on to the button to stay the door open.

Automatic doors are an integral part of fashionable business and residential buildings. Their precise installation and maintenance are essential for sleek performance. Maintenance may be an efficient approach of guaranteeing longer period for the protection systems. Automatic doors are fabricated from several major and smaller elements. Sleek operating of spare components, rails, and motors is incredibly necessary.


Automatic slippery glass doors are utilized in a range of industrial and commercial buildings. They are extremely fashionable in banks, looking malls, and public places like airports. Trendy usage of new automatic doors for business can increase your daily step, with additional individuals coming into your business premises. Automatic doors can rework your look front into an elegant and up to date promotional material for your business. Potential customers square measure additional probability to create an acquisition from a store once the building appearance good and skilled. Once you have manually controlled doors, you have noticed that customers usually leave them open. This enables cold air in and lets heat escape, increasing your overheads and permitting litter and trash to enter your premises. With detector operated automatic doors, your doors keep closed, saving your cash and energy.

We tailor make all the automatic doors products to meet your specific need


Automatic sliding glass doors are utilized in a spread of residential and commercial buildings. Sliding doors work on insulators and help keep your building warm in cool weather, cool in hot summer. They feature thermal insulation and keep dust and moisture far away. They offer a bird's eye view of the space. Made of transparent shatterproof safety glasses, sliding glass doors are quite safe. Sliding glass doors save lots of space inside and outside the entrances.


Automatic revolving doors represent high repute and classiness of the office. Automatic revolving doors are ideal for commercial enterprises like malls, hotels, luxurious stores, multiplexes, clubs etc. They provide benefits such as restricted traffic, excellent climate control, quick visibility and easier access for the visitors. The revolving doors reduce the recent air and excess heat from entering the building. It gives protection from chilled winds in winter.


The automatic swing doors are widely employed in numerous premises. They're appropriate for homes, parking areas, official complexes, larger malls and shops. They're factory-made to verify more safety and convenience of the users. These doors are quiet and thus thought of best for the workplace, complexes and medical premises. The durable Aluminium and steel hinges guarantee sturdiness and high usage. The glass doors permit a skinny view for safety and shut read. Another profit with the swinging glass doors is the brightness it offers.


The automatic telescopic sliding doors are ideal for small, partitioned areas. The automatic telescopic sliding door is made from leaves that slide one before the other to lodge itself into a reduced retraction space on the side when it opens. Some of the advantages of automatic telescopic sliding doors are its suitability for many building types, microprocessor controlling, high reliability, energy efficiency, low running cost and its availability in a range of finishes. Taking into consideration the comfort of the user, the telescopic doors are bi-part or single-slide leaf opening and provide maximum security and offer comfort because of its automatic opening and shutting system.

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A complete 24 hour, 7 days a week ongoing Preventive Maintenance Service & Fast Approach Service Avaliability.
A complete 24 hour, 7 days a week ongoing Preventive Maintenance Service & Fast Approach Service Avaliability.
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