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Leaders in Entrance Automation Since 2009

DLHH Electrohydraulic Dock Leveler with Hinged Lip

Electrohydraulic dock leveler with hinged lip of DLHH series is an optimal solution for warehouses and logistics facilities where it’s necessary to provide fast and secure loading and unloading at the dock. When activated, the leveler lifts and the lip opens turning into a horizontal position. Then the platform lowers until it reaches the vehicle load bed. Once all work is completed the leveler lifts, the lip lowers and the platform returns to its original stored position. Both embedded and suspended installation of the leveler are possible.

  • 1. Lip
  • 2. Toeguard
  • 3. Lip cylinder
  • 4. Dock strut
  • 5. Lifting pump
  • 6. Hydraulic pump
  • 7. Deck
  • 8. Signal black and yellow stripes
  • 9. Frame
  • 10. Control unit
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