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Leaders in Entrance Automation Since 2009 — ISO 9001 Certified Company.   Get the best offers in gate motors, Special promotions on automation accessories.   Get your gate fabricated by us, we guarentee the best quality you could get.

Leaders in Entrance Automation Since 2009

Dock House – Standard Series

Loading dock house is a modular unit with an installed dock leveler and a shelter. Loading dock houses are bolted to a building’s exterior to preserve microclimate, save interior floor space, and seal out unwanted contaminants. These units are ideal for temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centres where the entire building space is used or trailers can’t be parked perpendicular to the building.

Mounting on steel embedded plates. This is a preferable type of installation including embedment of steel plates (400 х 400 mm) in particular places of a concrete base during preparation of installation site for a dock house. Mounting on concrete base (with anchor bolts). This type of installation is used when steel plates were not embedded during concrete base pouring.

Mounting on walls of different types (concrete, brick, metal, wooden, sandwich panels of 50 to 200 mm thickness).

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