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How automatic sliding doors work? Its Benefits..

Automatic sliding doors are used throughout industrial and commercial environments to enable quick access to a building, offering a good range of advantages.

One of the most important advantage of having an automatic sliding door is that the convenience that comes with it.

  • An automatic door allows people to undergo a door with ease without the fear of manually opening an important door, meaning that your customers will feel welcomed from the instant they step foot in your premises. This will be highly effective at solving accessibility issues, as those with disabilities are ready to enter the building with ease and without complication.
  • Another key benefit an automatic sliding door can bring is its ability to save lots of space, making it an ideal option for businesses operating in smaller locations. The selection of single sliding and telescopic sliding doors means there are many options which will make sure you get the utmost use out of the available space you’ve got.
  • Automatic sliding doors also can assist within the management of security. Security personnel can easily control the doors remotely, meaning that they will grant access to selective traffic or deactivate the door completely if necessary.
  • Most Automatic sliding doors accompany a locking system which provides the user more control, increasing security, and leaving you feeling much safer.

Maxwell Automatic sliding doors’ in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Automatic sliding doors are manufactured to the very best standards for quality and safety, making them easy to have and maintain once installed by our fully qualified technicians.

From swing doors to sliding doors there are an enormous range of designs and systems to settle on from, meaning that there’s an answer which will fit together with your business’ needs.

From full operators to replacement sensors, we are ready to provide bespoke solutions using the simplest quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Sliding doors make sophisticated entrances for residential garages, commercial units, and public places. Maxwell Automatic sliding doors welcomes you to explore the foremost innovative range of automatic sliding doors.

The sliding doors are made from glass and other top-quality materials. The doors are suitable for various entrances like residential rooms, offices, and shops.

The main benefit with the sliding design is that the use of zero space. You’ll save space and efforts by installing this contemporary security solution. With glass sliding doors, you’ll add great beauty and transparency for your commercial office spaces. Sort of sliding doors is out there with us to deliver different levels of opulence, transparency, privacy, and temperature control.

Maxwell Automatic sliding doors in Dubai’ sliding doors of glass meet your precise requirements of sizes, finishes, and colours. Besides security, the doors add extra charm to the entrances. Our range of sliding glass doors come with longer durability and smooth sliding effect. It gives a sound framework to the entrance of the structure. Automatic sliding glass doors are luxurious options to control foot traffic. It restricts traffic movement without any manual efforts.

Maxwell Doors is known for elegant and stylish glass doors with smooth sliding. The doors are suitable for a variety of entrances of round shape and rectangular shape.

Automatic sliding glass doors are used in a variety of industrial and commercial buildings. They are highly popular in banks, shopping malls, and public places like airports. Advanced designing, automated operation, and sleek style add unique looks to space.

Maxwell Doors offers one of the best quality sliding glass doors by the use of efficient motors and sensors. They save space and add elegance to the modern buildings.


With sliding glass doors, you have some best benefits for your entrances and exit points.

  1. Efficient Energy Savers:

Sliding doors work on insulators and help in keeping your building warm in cool weather. It keeps the interiors cool in hot summer.

  1. Traffic Flow Management:

Sliding doors create a seamless flow of controlled traffic without any hassles. The large glass panels offer a panoramic view of the outer space.

  1. Security:

Made of transparent shatterproof safety glasses, sliding glass doors are quite safe. Incorporated gaskets in the sliding doors and seals prevent the sliding leaf from moving out of its frame.

  1. Space Saving:

Sliding glass doors save lots of space inside and outside the entrances.

  1. Quick Access and Operation

Sliding doors move swiftly through their rails. Users need not make any efforts to move them. This makes access to outdoor areas easy. This is very useful for units like shopping malls, airports, and railway stations where traffic is too frequent.


Most Automatic sliding doors use motion detection sensors or optical sensors, which are installed on the edges of the door, to trigger the opening/closing of doors.

Many of us tend to believe that Automatic sliding doors are an invention of the fashionable world, but it’s going to surprise you to understand that Automatic sliding doors are around for nearly half a century. Over time, these doors became more technologically sophisticated, but the thought has been around for quite while!

All Automatic sliding doors, regardless of their type or design, contains sensors that help trigger the opening/closing of doors when the necessity arises. Let’s check out the varied sorts of sensors utilized in Automatic sliding doors:

Pressure sensors:

In the 1960s, ‘control mats’ were used as sensors to detect the approach of pedestrians. These mats detected changes within the weight/pressure on a selected area of the bottom ahead and back of the gates. If the load that a specific area experienced was quite the set limit (the ‘trigger limit’ was set less than the typical human weight), then the doors would open.

The advantage of using this type of system was, and still is, that the doors remain open as long as there’s pressure on the mat, or in other words, if there’s an individual standing/walking near the doors.

The Optical Sensor:

Automatic sliding doors use optical or motion detection sensors to activate their motorized opening and shutting functions. These sensors are mounted over the automated door or are integrated into the door framing from above or the side. The sensors use either infrared or microwave technology to watch motion and are often utilized in commercial and industrial settings to permit simple access for both able-bodied and disabled persons, for efficiency and safety.

These days, however, most Automatic sliding doors use motion detection sensors or optical sensors, which are installed on the edges of the door, to trigger the opening/closing of doors. These sensors, as their names imply, detect or ‘look for’ motion ahead of the gate. In these sensors, motion is detected by a microwave beam (10.5 GHz) produced by an antenna that’s installed on the door header and usually points within the downward and outward direction.

Infrared sensors

These sensors detect changes in temperature within the area surrounding the doors, so when a private approach the doors, their heat signature is detected by the sensors, which cause the doors to fly open!

Tracks and Rollers

Automatic sliding doors are often hung or installed in several ways counting on the design of door or application. Some are hung from above head tracks (in the case of all-glass frame-less doors) and don’t connect with the ground plane but skim over it when operational. They will be mounted on one side with rollers and tracks making reference to the ground plane–in the case of single door. Or they will be mounted during a metal frame with connections, tracks and rollers on both the overhead and floor planes.

Maxwell Automatic sliding doors in Dubai is established with a purpose of supply and maintenance of automatic security products for entry points. We are number one provider for sliding doors, parking barriers, garage doors, and rolling shutters. Our range of Automatic sliding doors and overhead section doors has made us a pacesetter during this domain.

Maxwell Automatic sliding doors may be a preferred supplier to several commercial buildings, residential bungalows, hotels, hostels, malls, and industrial parks. Maxwell Automatic sliding doors has gained recognition in providing best Automatic sliding doors at affordable prices.

What makes us best for our customers is our experience spanning across many long years. We are a team of execs with deep knowledge of smart entrance equipment and control units. From design to installation, our team provides excellent support and feedback to the purchasers. Our team surveys the premises and understand the precise needs of the client. Relying on the premises and thus the entry point, we provide highest quality doors and shutters.

With the approaching of newer technologies, Maxwell Automatic sliding doors are the fastest company to integrate and implement them into our products. Our in-depth knowledge of the security systems is matured with our rich experience.

Being within the industry for several long years, we all know our success lies in our customers‛ satisfaction. As we continue serving with all dedication, we confirm that our services and products carry all the below values.

  • High quality as per international standards
  • Safety for the users or operators
  • Affordability for the clients
  • High-end security at the doorway of the building
  • Excellent after sale services and response mechanism
  • Timely installation, repair, and maintenance

All the products supplied by us offer smooth functioning and classy looks to the entry points. They’re outstanding in design and durable for years. Our after-sale services and affordable maintenance contracts make life simple for our clients.

Maxwell Automatic sliding doors visualizes ruling the market with innovative products within the coming years. With our continuing dominance in Automatic sliding doors services, we would like to form the services as affordable as possible. Being a manufacturer of Automatic sliding doors, Maxwell Automatic sliding doors aims at providing advanced and smart solutions for entrances of homes, garages, factories, and malls. We also strive to provide the foremost advanced products to reinforce security and traffic management ability of the products. We are looking to expand our horizons and to form our products accessible to an outsized number of offices and residences at affordable price.

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