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Leaders in Entrance Automation Since 2009

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How to protect your automatic doors from the elements?

It is very important for businesses and building owners need to follow suit as technology advances. And setting up Automatic Doors is a big and profitable investment in the long term but a pricy one that you have to make sure your doors wouldn’t get damaged by other factors like climate elements.
First of all, you need to invest in Doors made of high-quality materials such as Aluminum. It is a notoriously sturdy building material. It withholds greater strength and protection from the elements than wood. It will not warp, decay, rust, or discolor and its surface is profoundly impervious to climate damage.

To protect your doors, initially, you must avoid any big issues occurring by solving the little ones out as soon as possible. Regular maintenance of a door will guarantee it’s working at its extreme limit during the year. Servicing your doors will allow you to detect any issues early and catch them before they become a major problem.

Dubai weather is characterized by a tropical desert climate with hot, sunny conditions and excessive humidity. Such Climate can affect both the appearance and functionality of your automatic doors or gates.

The heat emitted from the sun can cause your doors to get overheated and their electrical components to go haywire. The best solution is to make sure you use door shade over and to find lubrication that can withstand heat so that the parts of your door don’t create even more heat with friction by pushing to move.

Moreover, despite the hot climate, Dubai can often be hit by hail, heavy rain, dust storms, and thunderstorms that are usually marked with power blackouts. Whereas the materials of the door ought to protect against the excess moisture and substantial winds, building proprietors should learn how to securely open their gates or doors when the power goes out, manually or with the usage of battery backup systems.

Last but not least, taking care of your automatic doors couldn’t be simpler! With all things above mentioned considered, you are probably not going to face a mechanical issue the long you provide them with regular maintenance and have them serviced consistently.

All this said, if you want to maintain the quality and functionality of your gates or shutters, trust the experts at Maxwell Automatic Doors. Our technicians have years of experience in automatic doors and gates installation, repair, and maintenance- and we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products and services with an unrivaled customer experience.

Visit our website and check out our maintenance and repair annual contract.


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